Satyricon, Chapter 97, Volume III, Photography Yara De Nicola Styling Fabiana Fierotti

Model François Durel at Independent Photography Assistants Matteo Pastorio and Michaela Cejková Styling Assistant Federica Rita Special thanks to Castello Sforzesco, Milan

Eumolpus was speaking privately with Bargates, when a crier attended by a public slave entered the inn, accompanied by a medium-sized crowd of outsiders. Waving a torch that gave out more smoke than light, he announced: “Strayed from the baths, a short time ago, a boy about sixteen years of age, curly headed, a minion, handsome, answers to the name of Giton. One thousand sesterces reward will be paid to anyone bringing him back or giving information as to his whereabouts.”

As found inside Alla Carta 5 Issue