Satyricon, Chapter 126, Volume V, Photography Francesco Nazardo Styling Delphine Desane

Hair Edward Lampley at D+V Management for R+Co Make up Sarah Glick for Dior Addict Models Ali and Aine O’Gorman Walsh at Major

Her hair, naturally wavy, flowed completely over her shoulders; her forehead was low and the roots of her hair were brushed back from it; her eyebrows, running from the very springs of her cheeks, almost met at the boundary line between a pair of eyes brighter than stars shining in a moonless night; her nose was slightly aquiline and her mouth was such an one as Praxiteles dreamed Diana had. Her chin, her neck, her hands, the gleaming whiteness of her feet under a slender band of gold; she turned Parian marble dull!

As found inside Alla Carta 5 Issue