Alla Carta 16 Arlecchino

“If Harlequin were in charge, he would want the heavens to be made from patches in 100 colours stitched together with a ray of sunshine.

If Gianduja became Minister of State, he would declare that all houses were to be made from sugar with a chocolate door.
If Pulcinella was in charge, the law would state that anyone with bad thoughts would be given a new head.”

The If Game is a children’s poem written by Gianni Rodari in 1960. The game consists in imagining impossible scenarios from a paradoxical reality. We thought that the paradox contained in these playful words might be the best way to introduce this latest edition of Alla Carta. Due to the instability of these past few months, this issue is being released three months late and, in an incredible and grotesque twist of fate, it is inspired by the Harlequin mask, one of the most characteristic of Italian carnival tradition.

Harlequin started out as a devil character and became a servant. He is too simple and pure to grasp the rules of society; he expresses himself with his body to convey what his masked face cannot, dancing to communicate kindness and irony. In this issue, we wanted to explore all social, personal, digital, and physical masks, whether real or imaginary, but we certainly never imagined that this small piece of cloth would have defined these past months and probably those to come. So in this paradoxical reality in which we find ourselves, this issue is dedicated to Harlequin: wise and mad, intelligent and foolish.


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  • Pages: 224
  • Dimension: 225 x 310 mm
  • Edition: ss20
  • ISSN: 2280-9309