Alla Carta 11 Comizi d'amore Issue

It is 1965 and Pasolini travels across Italy with his Love Meetings documentary to investigate sex, questioning representatives from a variety of social brackets on topics such as virginity, prostitution, homosexuality and sex education. The overall result reveals a country that lives in sexual ignorance, confusion and conservatism.
Over 50 years later, Alla Carta revisits those themes in current Italian culture to paint an image that is contemporary, occasionally grotesque, sometimes funny and occasionally detached. This new issue is not an ode to love, but to everything in-between.
It features a conversation with legendary director Tinto Brass, lunch with photographer Harri Peccinotti, aperitivo with musician Francesco Bianconi and dinner with designer Julien Dossena, along with FW17 fashion and much more.


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  • Pages: 250
  • Dimension: 225 x 310 mm
  • Edition: fw17
  • ISSN: 2280–9309