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Alla Carta #11 – Tote Bag

A special limited edition tote bag illustrated by Daniel Sansavini for the Alla Carta “Comizi d’Amore” issue.
Screen printed on 100% cotton.

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Alla Carta #11 – FW17

It is 1965 and Pasolini travels across Italy with his Love Meetings documentary to investigate sex, questioning representatives from a variety of social brackets on topics such as virginity, prostitution, homosexuality and sex education. The overall result reveals a country that lives in sexual ignorance, confusion and conservatism.
Over 50 years later, Alla Carta revisits those themes in current Italian culture to paint an image that is contemporary, occasionally grotesque, sometimes funny and occasionally detached. This new issue is not an ode to love, but to everything in-between.
It features a conversation with legendary director Tinto Brass, lunch with photographer Harri Peccinotti, aperitivo with musician Francesco Bianconi and dinner with designer Julien Dossena, along with FW17 fashion and much more.

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Alla Carta #10 – SS17

Alla Carta 10 tells of relationships that hang in a delicate balance and carnal affinities. An ostentatious orgy of vice, ritual and obsession. Grotesque images of an Italy frozen in time. The physical and symbolic density of food and the body. Desire and transgression.
It features lunch with OAMC and Jil Sander creative director Luke Meier, dinner with designer Damir Doma and a conversation with architect Nanda Vigo, plus SS17 collections and much more.

Alla Carta #09 – FW16

Every Sicilian city has an epithet, Palermo is known as ‘Felicissima’, or ‘the very happy city’, probably because of its wonderful location. But it would be somewhat optimistic to even consider saying everything there is to be said about Palermo in an evening, much less a magazine or even a single word. It is essentially impossible to capture the city’s variety of human faces, gestures and voices, its contrasting joy and fury, fatigue and enjoyment or luxury and poverty in a defined number of pages. This issue of Alla Carta takes on the difficult task of representing, albeit only a tiny part, the sensations that Palermo gave us over the course of our childhood and adolescence. The issue features breakfast with photographer Letizia Battaglia, lunch with fashion designer Marco De Vincenzo, dinner with gallerist Francesco Pantaleone along with FW2016 collections and a special insert dedicated to Palermo street food.

Alla Carta #08 – SS16

A set of distinct people can be a group, an array, an assemblage, a boatload, a circle, a club, a crowd, a constellation, a crush, a drove, a tribe, a horde, a melee, a mass, a multitude, a pack, a regiment, a room, a section, a majority, a bunch, a table, a wave, a family, a troupe, a class, a triangle, a gathering, a team, a couple… This issue of Alla Carta is about all of this and the people who gathered together to make it possible. It features SS16 collections along with breakfast with Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo from Italian fashion brand SUNNEI, lunch with artist Tauba Auerbach, coffee in the 5VIE Milan’s district, aperitivo with designer Massimo Giorgetti and dinner with Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta from the eponymous brand Eckhaus Latta.


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Alla Carta #07 – FW15

Alla Carta 07 presents a selection of portraits, real people who become characters. Models, warriors, wise women, pupils measure themselves in their own activities looking from outside, in the eternal search of the affirmation of the self.
The issue also includes a breakfast with German designer Konstantin Grcic, a lunch with Carol Lim and Humberto Leon – the duo behind Kenzo and Opening Ceremony – an aperitivo with Arthur Arbesser – new creative director of Iceberg – and a dinner at designers Max Lamb and Gemma Holt’s place. The finale takes place with a story in the kitchens of Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia, in Milan.

Alla Carta #06 – SS15

Is perfection perhaps utopia? Is family not the most utopic of all? What is school if not a manifestation of perfection? Is the imperfection of the female body not perhaps its finest feature? Man uses fiction to recount reality, often idealising it. The truth is that perfection exists and it is imperfect. This sixth issue of Alla Carta is all about the best of all possible worlds. It features breakfast with artist Betty Woodman, lunch with fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, dinner with artist Ugo La Pietra, plus SS15 collections and a special project shot by photographer Robi Rodriguez.


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Alla Carta #05 – AW14

Fragments are all that remain of the Satyricon, a controversial and intriguing novel by Petronius Arbiter. There have been numerous analyses over the years, in an attempt to comprehend this masterpiece of flashiness, kitsch and extreme decadence. In our fifth issue, we offer an additional interpretation, our own.
The issue will feature Guest Editor in ‘Chef’ Antonello Colonna, breakfast with music duo Rhye, lunch with French director Michel Gondry, dinner with nendo design studio founder Oki Sato, plus AW14 collections and much else.

Alla Carta #04 – SS14

In an essay entitled Concerning Spiritualism and Materialism (1863), the philosopher Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach wrote: “Der Mensch ist, was er ißt.” The literal translation is: “Man is what he eats”. This is what inspired this fourth issue of Alla Carta. It features Guest Editor in ‘Chef’ Pietro Leemann, breakfast with Superstudio co-founder and architect Cristiano Toraldo di Francia, lunch with designer Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Lin Tran, merenda with director Albert Moya, aperitivo with Antonio Marras and Segno Italiano, dinner with writer and director Alejandro Jodorowsky, plus SS14 collections and much else.

Alla Carta #03 – AW13

Featuring Guest Editor in ‘Chef’ Viviana Varese, breakfast with Candy’s creative director and publisher Luis Venegas, lunch with L’ArcoBaleno co-founder Ambra Medda, dinner with designer Umit Benan, FW13 collections and much else.
The pleasure of eating requires, if not hunger, at least appetite.
The pleasure of the table on the other hand, is often independent from both the one and the other. It is a reflected sensation, stemming from various different elements, such as places, things and people. Being a celebration of precisely those aspects of human life, this issue of Alla Carta wishes to underline the power of conviviality.

Alla Carta #02 – SS13

Featuring Guest Editor in ‘Chef’ Pino Cuttaia, breakfast with curator and contemporary art critic Massimiliano Gioni, lunch with designer Martino Gamper, dinner with gallerist Rossana Orlandi, SS13 collections and much else.
It’s with the lyrics of Abbronzatissima by Edoardo Vianello that we want to provide you with a sip of summertime, wishing you a super fantastic tanned summer, beneath the rays of the sun, sweetly dreaming wrapped in your lover’s arms… We suggest you to listen to it a stone’s throw from the sea, you don’t want to miss Morricone’s arrangements.

Alla Carta #01 – FW12

Featuring Guest Editor in ‘Chef’ Davide Oldani, breakfast with photographer Marco Glaviano, lunch with designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua, dinner with director Chiara Clemente, FW12 collections and much else.
Today, everyone is struggling to find something new, but to be honest, this demanding race to be different doesn’t guarantee remarkableness. A lot has been done and a lot has been said, and in our opinion there’s nothing more charming than finding someone else’s words with which to express ourselves. Spoerri talks about Art, but we see how his idea can just as easily relate to the publishing industry. Alla Carta wants to explore life’s most essential need: eating.